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We are The Y Team.

We come from Yeruham, a small town in the Negev desert, which we repesent in an international robotics competition called FIRST.

We believe that science and technology is the key for changing the future. We make that happen by developing technological solutions for children with special needs, founding and mentoring new robotics teams from disadvantaged populations, creating and cooperating with innovational projects, improving and encouraging team member’s self-esteem and sharing FIRST values for all.

In addition, we're bringing STEM to Yeruham, making it the city's symbol and robotics as its flag. In Yeruham, people involved in STEM feel at home, and others who want to join, know they’re in the right place. Now, 12 years since The Y Team was founded, Yeruham is known as a “Robotics Empire” lead by its next generation. From Ethiopia to Canada, St.Louis to Miami and more. Everywhere the Y team steps, it brings with it the story of Yeruham, an educational and technological beacon, to be followed by the world.

frc3211 Yteam


The Y Team

FRC #3211

"FIRST is the best program I know for proving to children that there are no shortcuts. Hard work, dedication, and willpower will determine where they end up, not talent, money or luck. Beyond that, FIRST helps students to develop their professionalism and social skills, because just like in real life, you can’t succeed without teamwork, healthy communication, leadership, and commitment to your environment and community."





Team Mentor: +972 54-744-9323‬

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