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16 Years Of Robotics Program

The 16 Years of Robotics Program was created with the goal to make an educational sequence from kindergarten up to 12th grade, and to allow as many children as possible to be exposed and a part of this lives changing program.


The Program is being taught by a spiral teaching method, when every age group has it’s own fitting missions and challenges.


Important notes about the program:


  • The program mentors itself; In every stage the kid is in, he is mentoring and helping the younger teams - a youth movement model.

  • Today in Yeruham there are 89 different teams in all ages.

  • 42% of the kids in Yeruham are in a robotics team!

  • Israel’s minister of science has officially chosen The 16 Years of Robotics Program as the national program which is to be adopted by other authorities to bring robotics education forward on a national level.

  • Dozens of local municipalities, in the Negev as well as all Israel, came to learn the model and to check the possibility to apply it to their educarion systems. As of today it is already running in 15 different towns!

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