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A year and a half ago, a team alumnus told us about a problem where children are not able to get immediate treatment in a room called "Snoezelen".


The Snoezelen room is a room with various elements used to trigger and regulate the user. There are two types of treatments that can be administered in the Snoezelen room:


A long term treatment to slowly build up control of the user's senses. This treatment is given at fixed times. There's also a short and immediate treatment that is used to calm down excessive sensory load.


In an attempt to solve the problem we designed a mobile Snoezelen room which we called Y MAAPS - the Y team's Mobile, Accessible, Affordable, and Portable Snoezelen. Not only did This room solve the immobility problem, but it is also more affordable: $300 compared to the average $300,000 that a regular Snoezelen room costs.

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