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The BIMBA project

The BIMBA (Powered Ride-On,) project was founded in 2013 as a part of our work for the community. The project's goal was to help children with motor disabilities and vision impairments to develop space orientation skills.

The goal of the Bibma project is to customize Ride-On vehicle for each child according to their own special needs. In order to do so, we first reduced the speed of the vehicle, we installed special sensors and eqipment to protect the kid, and added special buttons for each child. We also added a controller for the supervising adult so they could control the BIMBA safely.

We donated our first BIMBA to "Ellia" kindergarten in Be'er Sheva, in 2013.

In 2014 we expanded the project and built 4 more BIMBA vehicles to all "Ellia" kindergartens in the country.

From building one BIMBA each time, the manufacturing process became an insane BIMBA marathon, with a production rate of 10 vehicles each time. Each one is personally adjusted and customized for a unique child.

Last year we celebrated our 150th BIMBA, in modifying and delivering to a child, one of many across Israel.


Lately we changed our work model, and started instructing kindergarten workers on how to make Bimbas on their own. This work model has been applied to a special needs kindergarten in Rahat and is planned to be also transfered to Elia kindergarten.

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