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Robotics in Rachme

Rachme is one of the Beduin villages surrounding Yeruham. In 2015 the team contacted the village's leaders and presented them the importance of STEM studies and robotics as a tool to promote them – offering to hold an activity for the younger kids. Since then the team came every Friday to teach the young kids of Rachme robotics: building Lego models and programming them.

At the end of the school year the team ran a big robotics festival for Rachme kids and parents, showing them what the kids are learning and how they joined the STEM world.

The language gap and cultural differences wasn't easy, but the team managed to overcome them and as of today, the Rachme program is a huge success - and running strong for the third year, with more excited kids attending every week.

In the past two years, the program is being led by our little sibling- the FTC team of Yeruham, The Y bot.

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